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Greetings Earthlings: We are out of our element. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Guess what. I dropped it.

Some hidden links were discovered.

Stephen Curry at 30 — How long can the MVP guard keep this up?
on 19th of Oct 2018 STEPHEN CURRY PEERS toward a far wall and tries to imagine his future. He’s sitting beside a practice court at the Warriors’ downtown Oakland facility on a late September afternoon as his tenth traini

WHO-HD Highlights: Waukee 31, Johnston 30
on 19th of Oct 2018 In a game that came down to the final seconds, Waukee was able to get a turnover in the closing seconds to defeat Johnston. Check out this story on desmoinesr

Cleveland man shot in neck when more than 30 gunshots fired in Stockyards neighborhood
on 19th of Oct 2018 CLEVELAND, Ohio – More than 30 gunshots were fired when a Cleveland man was shot in the neck early Thursday in the city’s Stockyards neighborhood, police said. The 27-year-old man was shot just before

What it’s like to travel to space, from a tourist who spent $30 million to live there for 12 days
on 19th of Oct 2018 Elon Musk’s SpaceX has had a lot of attention recently for announcing that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be its first customer for a private space flight around the moon. Meanwhile, Jeff Be

System Unknown
I hear drums and engines

Did you see that strange blue light? It was blue and sort of glowing.