1948 ‘dogfight’ with UFO recounted by new TV show

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A new History Channel show about UFOs featured this National Guard pilot’s 1948 encounter above Fargo in its first episode.’

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The first episode of “Project Blue Book” premiered Tuesday. It focuses on a then-25-year-old National Guard lieutenant’s encounter with an unidentified flying object in the skies above Fargo in the 1940s.

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Project Blue Book Series Premiere Review

Because how far can the show actually go down the rabbit hole? Regardless of how many liberties are taken to jazz up the tale and heighten the drama for TV, it feels like we’re already experiencing the endgame here in the pilot episode.

Aliens may secretly exist (shhhh) but the Air Force wants to squash public hysteria by hiring a respected astronomer to debunk sightings all around the U.S. Surprise though! Said scientist actually wants to investigate these reports fully and won’t sign off on the usual “it was just another weather balloon” cover-up. So already, just based on the premise, and the fact that we’re tinkering in actual history here, you can visualize the push and pull to come – and, possibly, how it’ll all wrap up with things getting shuttered away by “top men” in that giant Ark of the Covenant warehouse.

Project Blue Book debuts: The eerie truth behind the Fuller dogfight

For a little background, Project Blue Book was one of three systematic studies of Unidentified Flying Objects in the US. It began in 1952 before orders were given for the program’s termination in 1969. During its tenure, the study supposedly collected upwards of 12,000 various UFO reports ranging from the easily explained to the downright mysterious.

As described in History channel’s press release about Project Blue Book, ‘each episode will draw from the actual case files blending UFO theories with authentic historical events from one of the most mysterious eras in United States history.’

Aidan Gillen talks Project Blue Book and digging into UFO popular culture

Quick, name a TV show that has (or had) a massive dedicated following of fans. Chances are you picked Game of Thrones, which will air its highly anticipated final season in April. But if you picked The X-Files, you would be just as correct since the paranormal police procedural has remained popular for decades. Enter Irish actor Aidan Gillen, a Game of Thrones alum who, thanks to History’s new X-Files-esque’show Project Blue Book, is about to become a part of both worlds.

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