Unknown or Unreal? The Shadow on Some Russian Avant

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Unknown or Unreal? The Shadow on Some Russian Avant-Garde Art‘New York Times

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Your Complete Guide to April 2018 Events in Seattle

3. Fisherman’s Village Music Festival 2018 Celebrate the efforts of the Everett Music Initiative with this weekend festival spread over several beloved local venues, with live sets from cosmic hiphop kings Shabazz Palaces, Kevin Morby, Mount Eerie, Oberhofer, the Seshen, Taylar Elizza Beth, Sisters, Spirit Award, the Black Tones, and many more.Begins March 30

5. Ruben Studdard Ruben Studdard, winner of the second season of American Idol who received a 2003 Grammy nomination for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, will visit Seattle.Begins March 29

6. Shen Yun 2018 Shen Yun, founded by Chinese Falun Dafa dancers in New York City, is an absolute celebration of an entire region’s magic, splendor, and creative possibility. The production aims to bring China’s ancient wonders to life on stage with dance and music.Begins March 28

8. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival For the 35th consecutive year, flower enthusiasts will flock to Skagit Valley to see sprawling fields covered with hundreds of colorful tulips in bloom. The festival is designed as a driving tour, as there’s no one spot to enter.

9. Silent Movie Mondays On a recent podcast, Janice Min, the woman credited with transforming Us Weekly from a C-minus People magazine clone into a culture-defining celebrity news faucet in 2002, observed that the Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan era, which Min helped inscribe, now feels like a very long time ago, all but forgotten. It’s a strange parallel to the lingering devotion a small number of viewers keep for the first generation of film actors, who, like nearly all humans, even the most famous, are largely forgotten by the world. I know that going to a silent movie, much less a month’s worth of them, sound like medicine to most people, but this series is a true joy. The majesty of the Paramount Theatre is on full display, as is the glory of the Wurlitzer organ accompaniment. And seeing the films really does feel like time travel. The grammar, pace, and style are simultaneously fascinating and obscure, but the faces are a straight, vivid line from a century ago to right now. This year’s series focuses on the great female stars of early cinema: Marion Davies’unfairly maligned by Citizen Kane’in The Patsy (April 2), Pola Negri in A Woman of the World (April 9), Gloria Swanson in Stage Struck (April 16), Mary Pickford in Little Annie Rooney (April 23), and Colleen Moore in Ella Cinders (April 30). SEAN NELSON


Eastern Ghouta exodus: As rebel area falls, many take leap into ‘unknown’

After more than a month of Syrian and Russian bombardment that has claimed 1,700 lives, the residents of eastern Ghouta have three stark choices: evacuate north with rebel fighters to Idlib province; fall under government control in camps near Damascus; or stay in the last opposition island of Douma, waiting for inevitable defeat.

It was impossible, he said, for civilians to trust a’Syrian’regime that devoted so much energy to bombing and starving the opposition enclave into submission.

Barely a week after reporting this’loss, Mr. Zeidan made the decision to leave.’Between’3 and 7 a.m. on Tuesday, the’Syrian’aid worker types away at a new batch of messages documenting the start of a long-dreaded journey out of his neighborhood, Arbeen.

‘All of us are entering into a dark tunnel, and we ignore what will happen to us,’ he says. ‘We have left everything and are headed to the unknown.’

After more than a month of Syrian government and Russian bombardment that has claimed 1,700 lives and seen the loss of 90 percent of the last rebel enclave in the suburbs east of Damascus, the residents of eastern Ghouta have only three stark choices.


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Your Complete Guide to April 2018 Events in Seattle
(since Mar, 2018) Whether you choose the three-mile or 12-mile course around the Viaduct, you’ll take in some pretty stellar views on this bicycle . case that Sean Penn’s first novel is good, or at least interesting, or do you want it to be folly? Either way, his

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Eastern Ghouta exodus: As rebel area falls, many take leap into ‘unknown’
(since Mar, 2018) ‘We have left everything and are headed to the unknown.’ How well do you understand the conflict in Syria? Take our quiz. After more than a month of Syrian government and Russian bombardment . was either live under the shadow of a criminal ruler