Topless western dancer in Patong located by police

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Topless western dancer in Patong located by police‘The Star Online

Topless western dancer in Patong located by police

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Topless Western dancer in Patong located by police

Patong police last night found the man, named “Jack”, around 9pm at a bar on Rat Utit 200 Pee Road, where the “offending” video was shot.

They found that he works as a “model” in the bar and brought him to the police station to take his photo and warned him about the incident in the video. 

“Jack” confessed and apologised for what happened. However, he said that he didn’t mean to take any inappropriate actions and didn’t think that anyone would shoot the video.

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Topless Western dancer in Patong located by police
on 16th of Apr 2018 Police last night located a Western man seen on a viral video dancing while wearing only white boxers in Patong during Songkran and allowing a ladyboy to touch his crotch. He was given a warning by police. The video drew a lot of criticism after going viral.

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