‘Think like a proton’ and other witty signs from the March for Science

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‘Think like a proton’ and other witty signs from the March for Science‘CNNHundreds rally for science in Boston Saturday‘The Boston GlobeNew Delhi, Berlin, London: Updates from the 2018 March for Science‘Science MagazineScientists | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building‘InhabitatWhat to expect from this Saturday’s March for Science‘New Scientist

‘Think like a proton’ and other witty signs from the March for Science

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Hundreds rally for science in Boston Saturday

March for Science pins were selling three for $10 as activists gathered in support of ‘fact-based governance’ by the edge of Boston Harbor on Saturday.

“We said we’d be back every year until our demands were met,” shouted Graciela Mohamedi, a physics teacher at Rockland High School, who spoke before the crowd of a few hundred people whose demands, they agreed, had not yet been met.

Nearly a year since thousands rallied in the city on Earth Day, the group took to Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in support of local climate initiatives. Dubbed “Science Strikes Back,” the rally was one of 175 worldwide, according to organizers.

Craig Altemose, executive director of the Better Future Project, said this year’s rally, ahead of next Sunday’s Earth Day, was intended to be more locally focused, instead of the Trump-opposition that charged last year’s gathering.

“This is very much about engaging volunteers” and supporting legislation, including a bill currently moving through the state Senate, he said in a phone interview.

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New Delhi, Berlin, London: Updates from the 2018 March for Science

The March for Science celebrated its anniversary today. And while the turnout around the world was significantly smaller than last year, supporters haven’t lost any of their energy.

The global grassroots movement has evolved from having a million people take to the streets in 2017 in more than 450 cities to year-round advocacy for science and for evidence-based policies by government officials. But 14 April is still the big event for many local groups.

Below are some of the highlights from events around the world, including the flagship rally in Washington D.C.

https://t.co/6a2oYmeaKr#marchforscience2018 #MarchForScience Good to see all the support at the March for Science today pic.twitter.com/xGOuXvYhq7

A small but hearty group braved the Midwest weather to march for science in Des Moines today #marchforscience2018 #marchforscienceIA #marchforscience pic.twitter.com/YVmpdgHPw5

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What to expect from following this, Saturday’s March for Science
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‘Think like a proton’ and other witty signs from the March for Science
on 14th of Apr 2018 (CNN)March for Science crowds may have been smaller compared with last year. But their signs were just as entertaining. While the main event took place in Washington on Saturday, people around the world turned out at more than 230 satellite events.

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