The strange story of Australia’s wild camel

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The strange story of Australia’s wild camel‘BBC News

The strange story of Australia’s wild camel

There are hundreds of thousands of camels roaming the outback. But how did an animal synonymous with the Middle East end up here in such numbers?

The hours tick by slowly when you’re driving Australia’s Stuart Highway. Named after the 19th-Century explorer John McDouall Stuart, who was the first European to successfully traverse the continent from sea to sea and back again, the road broadly follows the route of his marathon journey. It’s 2,834km long; a near-endless spool of bitumen stretching from Port Augusta in the south to Darwin in the north, crossing what is largely open wilderness. They call it, with some understatement, ‘The Track’.

I knew to expect occasional wildlife, and sure enough the emptiness of the plains was sporadically broken up by the presence of the kind of climate-hardened animals Australia is famous for. There were kangaroos gazing blankly into the distance and wedge-tailed eagles hunkered over roadkill. On one occasion a dingo – a sandy-coloured feral dog – appeared out in the scrub, lean and wiry in the heat. I slept in the little outback towns that dot the route. Then, three days in, I saw a camel.

View image of More than 1 million feral camels roam the Australian outback (Credit: Credit: Posnov/Getty Images)

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Quite a lot has been going on:

‘Sweet Country’ seeks to diversify and shake up the Western movie genre

The new film ‘Sweet Country’ is a Western set in the Australian Outback. But the movie’s director Warwick Thornton is out to bust some myths about the Western genre.

‘We have this perception of the wild west but for every one white cowboy, there were fifteen Mexicans and a hundred Native Americans,’ said Thornton, an Aboriginal Australian from the town of Alice Springs in the country’s Northern Territory. ‘We see these westerns in North America and think, ‘Where are all the workers?’ The reality of it is it’s a complete lie.’

A hit in its native Australia as well as on the festival circuit where it won a special prize at the Toronto International Film Festival, ‘Sweet Country’ opens in select theaters this weekend. MarketWatch spoke with Thornton about why his western is very different from those featuring John Wayne and Gary Cooper, and why despite operating as a consistent hit factory (‘Dances with Wolves,’ Unforgiven,’ ‘True Grit’) the genre’s output is so inconsiderable.

A good friend of mine, David Tranter, who is a sound recordist, said he had a good idea about a film about his grandfather. So the film is loosely based on a true story. My reaction to anybody who tells me on any film set that they have a good idea for a film is to say, ‘Go and write it then.’ 99.9% of the time whoever I tell that to never writes anything and you never hear about the idea again. But a couple of years later David Tranter actually came back with a script. It wasn’t that good but it had an incredibly beautiful heart. The producers paired him up with a writer named Steven McGregor and they spent about a year rebuilding it. I read it and it was fantastic.

‘Sweet Country’ is the first film you’ve directed that you haven’t written. What drew you to the material?

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Australia win double Commonwealth gold in cycling time trial events

Australia has won both the women’s and men’s individual time trial cycling gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. Katrin Garfoot triumphed with a time of 35 minutes 8.09 seconds on Monday afternoon, while Cameron Meyer was a shock winner in the earlier men’s competition.

Until two weeks ago, Meyer had no intention of competing in the road-based time trial race. Meyer is a specialist track cyclist, and was a medal favourite for the men’s 40km track points race.

‘My coach approached me [two weeks ago] because he knew I had good road-racing form,’ he said, after emerging a shock winner. ‘He sorted out a bike for me and got all my measurements, and I just thought I’d give it a crack. I just thought, ‘I’m on the Gold Coast anyway, why not go for the challenge?’

In a high quality race, Meyer stopped the clock at 48:13.04 after setting an average speed of 47.9kph around the 38.5km street course. England’s Harry Tanfield edged Hamish Bond of New Zealand for silver ‘ after the latter, an Olympic rowing champion, had switched sports following the 2016 Games in Rio ‘ but the story of the day was undoubtedly that of Meyer, who had not competed in a road race for two and a half years.

‘I broke my collarbone in the last road race I did [two and a half years ago], and that put me off, but I’m really happy I gave it a second shot,’ he said.

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The strange story of Australia’s wild camel
on 10th of Apr 2018 I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting the camel. The hours tick by slowly when you’re driving Australia’s Stuart Highway. Named after the 19th-Century explorer John McDouall Stuart, who was the first European to successfully traverse the continent

‘Sweet Country’ seeks to diversify and shake up the Western movie genre
(Apr 2018) ‘We have this perception of the wild west but . tribes in Central Australia. So his story is my story and it’s a universal story for a lot of people in Central Australia and a lot of indigenous people in Australia. In a strange way it’s probably

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Australia win double Commonwealth gold in cycling time trial events
(Apr 2018) Photograph: Tracey Nearmy/EPA Australia won both the women’s and men’s individual . had switched sports following the 2016 Games in Rio ‘ but the story of the day was undoubtedly that of Meyer, who had not competed in a road race for two and

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