The strange alliance between #MeToo and the anti

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The strange alliance between #MeToo and the anti-porn movement‘The Guardian

The strange alliance between #MeToo and the anti-porn movement

The #MeToo movement means many things to many people, but for anti-porn activists it’s the ultimate vindication.

‘This is what real change looks like in our #MeToo culture,’ said Dawn Hawkins, the group’s executive director.

But in the Trump era, defined by pussy hats and pussy-grabbing, the Dworkin-meet-Mike-Pence alliance is a whole new level of weird. It’s also supercharged. With both feminism and the Christian right in the ascendent thanks to the divisive Trump White House, the anti-porn movement has gotten a new jolt of energy.

The alliance has finessed a politically tricky situation by drawing on the values of both sides and using the language of #MeToo and modern feminism to cast the widest possible net.

Of course, Americans have always been much better at denouncing porn than abstaining from watching it.


Quite a lot has been going on:

Organizers explain why they march against U.S. wars on April 14

Radio host Mimi Rosenberg invited three of the New York based organizers of these demonstrations on her April 4 Morning Show on Pacifica Radio 99.5 FM,, to discuss these protests on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The following are excerpts from the comments Kayla Popuchet, a Haitian-Peruvian student activist; Jose Monzon, a Black anti-war activist and member of Black Alliance for Peace; and Sara Flounders, co-director of the International Action Center and member of the United National Antiwar Coalition, made on the show.

Rosenberg: ‘You cannot remain silent,’ say our next guests, when faced with the extreme militarists who have just joined the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, calling for war on Iran and north Korea and new attacks on Palestine. What are the motivators for the ‘End U.S. Wars’ action?

To me, 50 years later, things are largely the same. Most of our tax dollars go to U.S. wars of aggression against poor people of color abroad while at the same time [the U.S.] is cutting programs for working people and people of color here at home. To me, we are living King’s famous quote that every bomb dropped in Vietnam explodes here at home in the form of less services for everyone.

Rosenberg: How do you see mobilization around anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-globalization, against racist oppression with the youth community?


The Music Man in the White House

Many Democrats still wonder how folks in the Midwest can believe what they hear from Donald Trump. The answer: Often, they don’t.

That Trump also causes blood pressures to spike on “Morning Joe” and CNN only adds to the amusement in the flyover states as Trump exaggerates, fulminates and blusters. My Midwestern neighbors have figured out that these are the tools of a huckster salesman. And a lot of them like what the huckster is selling.

I believe this explains the low-key response so far to the threat of a trade war with China among the farmers who stand to lose the most. Tit-for-tat tariffs would be a disaster for American agriculture, which finds hungry markets in China. Yet on the prairie, the presidential salvos elicit little more than arched eyebrows. “Potentially calamitous,” said Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst of China’s threat to retaliate by jacking up levies on soybeans, hogs and cattle. But the key word was “potentially.” Hurst hastened to add: “It is important to remember that the actions announced by both China and the U.S. don’t take effect immediately.” There’s still time for “a negotiated peace,” he said, “one that can bring great benefits to our citizens, but one that is fraught with danger.”

This distinction between the president’s words and his deeds might seem to cut against the Midwestern mythos of straight-talking folks who say what they mean and mean what they say. But there is another kind of mythical Midwesterner, the sort that Meredith Wilson celebrated in “The Music Man,” whose flinty exteriors cloak a soft spot for fast-talking flim-flammers. Trump entertains them and, besides, they never really expected a marching band.

Trump’s overstated opening gambits create a lot of room for him to maneuver in search of his self-proclaimed victories. Perhaps you remember his big, beautiful wall, for instance, the transparent marvel covered with solar panels and paid for by Mexico. The other day, he proclaimed that construction has begun – “we’ve started building the wall,” he tweeted – and offered as proof pictures from an ongoing fence-building project that began more than a decade ago. It’s called winning, in Trump’s vernacular: Whoever names it, claims it.


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The strange alliance between #MeToo and the anti
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Organizers explain why they march against U.S. wars on April 14
on 07th of Apr 2018 Monzon: A big part of the strategy needs to be a revitalization of the anti-war movement. We can see that other movements have revived in the last few years in the Occupy movement, Black Lives Matter, #MeToo. If we can rebuild opposition to U.S. war

Here’s some extra reading:

The Music Man in the White House
on 07th of Apr 2018 Luther Strange started way back & ran a good race. Roy, WIN in Dec!’ Trump wrote on Twitter. Yet the race exposed rifts between the Republican party . The disruptive mayhem at the top of the Western alliance plays nicely into China’s long game.

Pa Ayo Adebanjo marching on at 90: My life, my politics!
on 07th of Apr 2018 Ayo Adebanjo could be described as a strange . sought an alliance with Obasanjo; that they would vote for him for the presidency in return for their staying in office and leave South-West for them. There was an agreement between the governors and