The Ground Beneath This Tiny English Village Is Rising Up, And Nobody Knows Why

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The Ground Beneath This Tiny English Village Is Rising Up, And Nobody Knows Why‘ScienceAlert

The Ground Beneath This Tiny English Village Is Rising Up, And Nobody Knows Why

A quaint, historic village in the south of England is steadily rising up out of the ground, and scientists are at a loss to explain what’s causing the phenomenon.

The quiet parish of Willand in Devon has a steady population of some 6,000 inhabitants, but the ground the town is built upon isn’t quite so stable ‘ with scientists discovering its landscape is experiencing some of the fastest-rising uplift seen across the entire UK.

This shift, which would be unnoticeable to local residents, is causing Willand to rise by 2 centimetres (0.7 inches) annually, but while instances of land swelling or subsidence can usually be explained by things like nearby mining operations or observed geological phenomena, this time the warping remains a mystery.

“When I look at the images I can explain 99 percent of everything,” geomatics researcher Andy Sowter, the CTO of Nottingham University offshoot company Geomatic Ventures Limited (GVL), told The Times.

The discovery was made as part of the UK’s first country-wide land motion map, compiled by researchers at GVL and Nottingham University, who analysed more than 2,000 images captured by the ESA’s Sentinel’1 satellites between 2015 and 2017.

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Philippe Gilbert: Classics king and Flanders champion

“I was always dreaming of the Classics,” ‘Gilbert says of his boyhood self. Now the Quick Step man wins them instead. Ned meets him in Monaco

‘It’s the last part of Belgium which is flat. Because if you pass there, it is finished. It’s always up and down.’

If ever a landscape fashioned a rider, it was this one. There are two routes out of the small town of Remouchamps, where Philippe Gilbert grew up. You can either turn your bike into a headwind and vaguely towards Li’ge, beyond which lies Limburg and then Flanders, with its spit and sawdust language, its flatness and its characteristic hurt. Or you can turn right, into the French-speaking borderlands, hard up against Germany, where the roads start to rise and fall without relenting, picking their paths through damp and dense forests. Remouchamps is that fork in the road and presented Philippe Gilbert with two possible futures.

The first climb that you will hit, if you choose the path to the east, after exactly one kilometre, is the C’te de la Redoute.

It was for many years the defining test of Li’ge-Bastogne-Li’ge, the oldest and most venerable of cycling’s five Monuments. It’s only a short climb, but it punches up to 20 per cent in places; enough to sink challenges and launch others. No one knows this climb better than Gilbert, the winner of La Doyenne in 2011.

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Philippe Gilbert: Classics king and Flanders champion
(since Mar, 2018) It’s only a short climb, but it punches up to 20 per cent in places; enough to sink challenges and launch others. No one knows this climb better than . of this particular redoubt (to coin its literal English translation), the Austrian army had dug

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