PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: She’s not like a regular mom! Mother-of

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PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: She’s not like a regular mom! Mother-of-four Heidi Klum, 44, shows off her sensational ‘‘Daily Mail

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: She’s not like a regular mom! Mother-of-four Heidi Klum, 44, shows off her sensational ‘

Heidi Klum has once again proven herself as one of the world’s sexiest supermodels by posing topless in a tiny thong for a sizzling cover shoot for Maxim.

The model, 44, graces the cover of the May / June edition of the publication and has also posed for a steaming spread inside the magazine.

She can be seen on the black and white cover, naked from the waist up, glancing towards the camera with her hair flowing down from her shoulders and covering part of her chest.

Still got it: Heidi Klum has proven that she is, in fact, still a 10’despite what Donald Trump had to say over the matter back in 2015’by posing topless in a sizzling shoot for Maxim

Another image shows her striking a pose in a see-through jumpsuit and high-heeled sandals, poking her tongue out in a playful snap while her index points, it would seem, towards her sensational silhouette.


While you’re here, how about this:

Scott Disick NOT Saying Sofia Richie Is Better With Kids Than Kourtney Kardashian, Despite Report

Scott Disick is not going around saying Sofia Richie is better with his kids than their own mother, Kourtney Kardashian, contrary to an outrageous report. Gossip Cop can bust the made-up and untrue story. Disick has no problem with Kardashian’s very capable parenting abilities and he would never bad-mouth her in that way.

But as Gossip Cop has reported, Disick and Richie are currently on vacation with the children in Mexico, and HollywoodLife has been using their trip to try to stir up drama with Kardashian. After making-up a demonstrably wrong story about Kardashian being against Disick and Richie taking the kids away, the site is now claiming to have “exclusive details” on how Disick is “using their bond to taunt” his ex. A so-called “source” even alleges the “whole point” of the trip was to upset Kardashian, claiming he’s now “taunting Kourtney with pictures of Sofia and the kids bonding.”

“But what’s even more twisted,” contends the site’s supposed snitch, “is that he’s been telling their mutual friends that Sofia is better with the kids than Kourtney is.” The alleged tipster further maintains Disick is saying their children also “like Sofia more than” their own mom, knowing “it’s going to get straight back to Kourtney and mess with her head.” But if the whole point is for the comments to get back to Kardashian, why is HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, hiding behind an unidentifiable and untraceable “source”? One would think Disick would want to make such comments publicly on the record if the goal was really to “taunt” her.

As for the contention that Disick is trying to upset Kardashian with photos of Richie “bonding” with their kids, no such pictures have actually surfaced. The Daily Mail posted intrusive paparazzi photos from Richie and Disick’s vacation, but none of the snapshots show her actually interacting with the children. Regardless, Kardashian wouldn’t have a problem with them “bonding,” anyway. In this People story from more than a month ago, it was specifically noted that because Richie “spends a lot of time at Scott’s,” Kardashian “allowed her to meet the kids” and they had gotten together a “few times” already. There’s no dispute.

Additionally, the claims that the children “like Sofia more than Kourtney” blatantly contradict an article the website ran in January, in which it was claimed Disick’s kids didn’t like Richie at all. Far from “bonding,” that story actually alleged she was usually “ignoring them,” to the point where Disick was now leaving the model out of their visits and “begg[ing] Kourtney to speak to the kids to try and fix the situation.” It not only makes little sense to now essentially contend the opposite, but the inconsistencies prove the outlet doesn’t know what it’s talking about and makes it up as it goes along.


She took her daughter to see Michelle Obama’s portrait; now they need a publicist

WASHINGTON ‘ Jessica Curry is still processing. The mom of two, whose daughter Parker became an online sensation after a photo of the toddler ‘ awestruck by Michelle Obama’s portrait ‘ went very, very viral, has spent the first two weeks juggling juice boxes and giant expectations.

‘When I go into my phone and I look at pictures of Michelle Obama carrying my little girl around on her hip as if she were her own, I’m like, ‘What is going on?’ ‘ Curry, 29, said during a recent phone interview.

Since Parker’s photo began orbiting the social media globe March 1, mother and daughter have spent 45 minutes with the former first lady in her downtown D.C. office, appeared on CNN and flew to Los Angeles to chat with viral-kid whisperer Ellen DeGeneres.

And there’s that word again ‘ viral. It sounds ominous and clinical, like something catchy, something you protect your littles from as Curry did for the early part of Parker’s young life.

In those pre-toddler years, Curry ‘ a stay-at-home mom in Washington who writes a parenting blog called Happy Mama Happy Babies ‘ didn’t post any photos of her daughter’s face online. So what was her gut reaction to the photo with thousands upon thousands of likes from strangers? To be honest, she was bothered.


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Scott Disick NOT Saying Sofia Richie Is Better With Kids Than Kourtney Kardashian, Despite Report
on 30th of Mar 2018 The alleged tipster further maintains Disick is saying their children also ‘like Sofia more than’ their own mom, knowing . As the primary caregiver, she’s the one that holds the cards in their co-parenting dynamic, not him.

She took her daughter to see Michelle Obama’s portrait; now they need a publicist
(Mar 2018) ‘We’re talking about a picture . She told the mom of two not to worry. That this would all probably blow over in a day or two. No need to panic. Life would be back to normal soon. ‘I was like, ‘OK, if you say so.’ Tomorrow we can go back to our

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