Paris Hilton Flashes Underwear In Wardrobe Malfunction At She Opens High Dress On Red Carpet

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Paris Hilton Flashes Underwear In Wardrobe Malfunction At She Opens High Dress On Red Carpet‘Hollywood Life

Paris Hilton Flashes Underwear In Wardrobe Malfunction At She Opens High Dress On Red Carpet

So, is there an award for fashion faux pas? Paris Hilton, 37, may have won it. When the actress, heiress, DJ, musician and amateur weather reporter arrived on the red carpet at The Daily Front Row’s fourth annual Fashion Awards on April 8, she suffered the most horrible fate that could befall any celebrity: the wardrobe malfunction. Gasp! While draped in a gorgeous gown with a plunging neckline, Paris decided to flaunt a little leg. That’s when tragedy struck! When lifting her dress to show off her toned legs, she flashed a hint of her nude underwear, per the Daily Mail. Oh no! While it wasn’t as bad as the dreaded nip slip or something worse, it was kind of awkward.

Thankfully, the misbehaving outfit didn’t really ruin Paris’s night. She moved on and continued to look gorgeous throughout the night. Paris took part in the fashion awards, presenting designer Philipp Plien with the Fashion Rebel award, according to E! News. There was a Simple Life reunion, as Nicole Richie, 36, was on hand to give Juicy Couture creative director Jamie Mizrahi with the Best Design Debut award. Nicole attended while wearing a more conservative – but no less gorgeous – pink gown covered silver flowers. She and Paris shared a hug and chatted for a few minutes before the show, giving people hope for a Simple Life revival.

Don’t worry about Paris. If there’s anyone who could flash her underwear and shake it off, it’s her. This wasn’t even the first time she flaunted her underwear in public this year. While attending an iHeartRadio Awards after-party, she showed up in a sheer outfit that looked as if it was made out of Christmas tree tinsel. While her breasts were tastefully covered – all hail double-sided tape – her black panties were out in full view. Yet, she strolled into the party like it was no big thing.


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