Officer treated for overdose after inhaling unknown powder

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Officer treated for overdose after inhaling unknown powder‘BBC News

Officer treated for overdose after inhaling unknown powder

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04-12 10:12 – ‘Officer who dragged man from plane sues United Airlines’ ( by /u/JustAnothrBoringName removed from /r/news within 68-78min
The Art of Constantly Changing Narratives ‘ Part I: Russia
RT Arabic was one of the only foreign news organisations stationed with Syrian Army troops during the 2017 Palmyra Offensive.
Russian Ministry of Defence video on the airstrike on what was claimed to be an ISIS training camp in rural Idlib province on October 12, 2015.
RT claimed this mountain had been controlled by ISIS forces up until its capture in December 2015. Da’ish had actually retreated from the area almost two years before, leaving its control to the Islamic Front and the FSA.
The headline from Sputnik Deutschland, Sputnik News’ German-language news site, reads: ‘Assad’s Army Sweeps IS Stronghold in Latakia.
Still from a Russian Ministry of Defence video, claiming that the airstrike on Khan Shaykhun hit a chemical weapons depot preparing shipments to Iraq for ISIS.
One of the craters from the dropped munitions in Khan Shaykhun. Damage from the shell itself is minimal, with relatively little cratering and debris seen.
While this is no longer the official single narrative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, the original report about the airstrike on the depot occurring at midday remains up on RT.
Still from an RT report on a press conference given by Vladimir Putin on April 11, where the Khan Shaykhun false-flag narrative was officially endorsed by the Russian President himself.
[Wednesday, April 11 2018] Police raid illegal rave inside abandoned Toys R Us; After 30 years of R&D, breakthrough announced in dark matter detection technology, definitive search to begin for axion particles; FTC Says ‘Warranty Void If Removed’ Stickers Are Bullshit, Warns Manufacturers
Piecing together Trump-Russia with a focus on Erik Prince
Protected a colony of Griffon Vultures in Bulgaria
extreme and horrifically inhumane measures of smuggling the birds.
You can learn more about what the WPT plans to do for parrots here.
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Yulia Skripal tells Russia to leave her alone after being poisoned with nerve agent
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Sergei Skripal's neighbour threatened to cut police officer's throat and kill his family
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