No, NASA doesn’t have a cloud generation machine ‘ it has rocket engines

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No, NASA doesn’t have a cloud generation machine ‘ it has rocket engines‘The VergeNASA Begins Building Next Mars Rover for 2020 Launch‘Space.comNASA selects planetary science director as new chief scientist‘SpaceNewsThe ‘Space Gene’ That Wasn’t‘Bloomberg

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NASA Begins Building Next Mars Rover for 2020 Launch

NASA technicians have officially begun the assembly, test and launch operations (ATLO) phase of development on the agency's next Mars rover, keeping the project on track for an expected 2020 launch. 

The Mars 2020 rover is coming together at the Spacecraft Assembly Facility High Bay 1 at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. There, technicians are working on the rover's descent stage, "a rocket-powered 'sky crane' that will lower the rover to the planet's surface," according to a March statement from NASA.

This sky-crane system also dropped the agency's Curiosity rover onto the Martian surface in August 2012. [Inside Huge Mars Rover's Sky Crane Landing (Infographic)]

Engineers and technicians will be working on the 2020 rover for the next year and a half, eventually adding subsystems like avionics, power, telecommunications, thermal systems and navigation. Overall, they'll have to build the rover itself as well as its cruise stage, aeroshell and descent stage. The propulsion systems were installed earlier this year on the cruise and descent stage, NASA officials said. 

"Parts of this mission are coming from the other side of the world, and some are coming from just 'down the street' in Pasadena, and some are coming from literally down the street a couple of buildings away," David Gruel, ATLO manager for Mars 2020 at JPL, said in the statement

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NASA selects planetary science director as new chief scientist

WASHINGTON ‘ The longtime director of NASA’s planetary science division will become the agency’s next chief scientist next month, NASA announced April 10.

In a statement, NASA said that Jim Green, who has served as director of the planetary science division at NASA Headquarters since 2006, will become chief scientist May 1. He succeeds acting chief scientist Gale Allen, who is retiring from the agency after more than 30 years.

‘I’m excited to have Jim take on this new role,’ Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA associate administrator for science, said in the statement. ‘He brings a variety of scientific research experience and planetary exploration expertise to the chief scientist position that will allow him to hit the ground running with great enthusiasm and engagement.’

While Green is best known for leading NASA’s planetary science programs, his background is in space physics, earning a Ph.D. in the subject from the University of Iowa in 1979. He joined NASA in 1980, working first in the magnetospheric physics branch at Marshall Space Flight Center and later moving to the Goddard Space Flight Center, leading a space science data office there and also serving as deputy project scientist for the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) mission.

Green became planetary science division director in August 2006 and led the division through budgetary ups and downs over the last 12 years. That has included significant budget cuts earlier this decade and, more recently, increases that brought the division’s budget to more than $2.2 billion for 2018.

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NASA Begins Building Next Mars Rover for 2020 Launch
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