Making science fiction come alive: 5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Elon Musk

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Making science fiction come alive: 5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Elon Musk‘The News Minute

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‘The Expanse’ Is Lapping Its Science Fiction Competition

The third season of The Expanse, Syfy’s ambitious space opera, begins on Venus. It picks up right where Season 2 left off, in the aftermath of a humanity-altering, semi-supernatural event in which a research ship is immaculately disassembled and its crew is left suspended in midair after making contact with a mysterious biological substance. The action then pans to Earth, where there’s discourse over whether recent actions by Martians (that is, humans who colonized and live on Mars) are a prelude to war. Out on Mars at the same time, similar paranoiac conversations are ongoing about ‘Earthers.’ Finally, we see that Earth and Martian ships are also duking it out over Jupiter. Just like that, interplanetary war has begun.

The opening is a massive, solar-system-wide tour of The Expanse played out in miniature’and quite simply, it’s awesome to watch. In just two seasons’Season 3 premieres on Wednesday night’the show has quickly become one of the most compelling small-screen sci-fi shows in the past decade.

But that’s not for a lack of competition. In the past 12 months, there’s been a boom in science fiction: the debuts of Altered Carbon, Counterpart, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, and Star Trek: Discovery; new seasons of Black Mirror and Stranger Things; and in the next couple of weeks, Netflix’s rebooted Lost in Space and the second season of HBO’s Westworld premiere. That’s an overwhelming amount of mostly good science fiction. But hear me out: The Expanse is better than all of these shows. Need proof? Thomas Jane is in it and he has the most hideous haircut I’ve ever seen.

Need more proof than that? Fine. Here are five other ways that The Expanse excels over the rest of science-fiction television.

It also helps that The Expanse, like Thrones, begins small before widening its scope. While mankind has been split up into three factions’those living on Earth, those on Mars, and folks around the asteroid belt who are known as Belters’200 years in the future, the action initially keys in on only two things: (1) a ragtag group of survivors from the Canterbury, an ice freighter that is blown up after answering a mysterious distress call, and (2) a Belter detective (Thomas Jane and the beguiling haircut) who’s attempting to solve a missing persons case that’s somehow connected to the explosion.

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Stephen Hawking: blending science with science fiction

Beyond doing an excellent job of raising the public profile of black holes, Hawking also wrote and spoke publicly on issues beyond his research. He expressed concerns about the possible impacts of artificial intelligence, and the questionable wisdom of attracting alien visitors.

Was he presenting new concerns? Or were these ideas already deeply rooted in prior science, or envisaged in fiction? The answer lies in the complex relationship between science and science fiction.

There was a time when science fiction writers may have imagined they were exploring the frontiers of the future. When the science caught up with the fiction, and in many cases exceeded it, this relationship turned on its head. Enduring themes of science fiction, which survived the impact of this scientific apocalypse, include interests expressed by Stephen Hawking ‘ putting ourselves at the mercy of machines, communicating with non-human life and phenomena that are so grandly cosmic that they defy normal comprehension: sentient machines, alien visitors and black holes.

Science fiction authors used to make mileage out of technological speculation. From the 1930s through to the 1950s, video telephones, atomic bombs and thinking machines were wonderful things to speculate about, and no one knew for certain what was out there in the rest of the universe.

In 1957 the Russians launched the first orbital satellite ‘ Sputnik ‘ and perhaps this was the beginning of the end for scientific fantasy.

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