Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Captured by Juno in Stunning NASA Photos

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Captured by Juno in Stunning NASA Photos‘InverseIntricate Cloud Patterns Captured By NASA’s Juno Spacecraft In Jupiter’s Northern Hemisphere‘SpaceCoastDaily.com

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Captured by Juno in Stunning NASA Photos

The latest photos from NASA’s Juno orbiter are getting up close and personal with Jupiter. Known as Perijove 12 ‘ because it’s this mission’s 12th encounter with the giant planet ‘ the images only add to the recent mysteries that have emerged regarding the Great Red Spot.

Since Juno first entered a polar orbit of Jupiter on July 5, 2016, the mission continues to change everything scientists once thought about the planet. Jupiter’s magnetic field is significantly stronger than scientists had expected, and Juno’s observations have revealed new insight on the stability of the planet’s storms. Juno’s most recent drive by of Jupiter was on April 1, and this new crop of photos succeed in raising even more questions about Jupiter’s giant storm.

Juno’s mission is to provide data regarding Jupiter’s magnetic field and internal composition. After every perijove session, the images taken on Juno’s camera are sent back to Earth, where astronomers and photo editors are hired to process.

The Great Red Spot has been in the spotlight lately and new information regarding its size has sparked debate. A study published in The Astronomical Journal last month suggests that the Great Red Spot might be getting taller as it shrinks, meaning it’s not losing as much mass as scientists once thought.

Juno’s close encounters with Jupiter come every 54 days, which means the next batch of photos from Perijove 13 can be expected around May 24. Juno’s mission is scheduled to conclude after Perijove 14 in July and the spacecraft is slated to be intentionally de-orbited into Jupiter’s atmosphere. However, given how many unanswered questions come with each Juno encounter, the mission could receive an extension.


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Intricate Cloud Patterns Captured By NASA’s Juno Spacecraft In Jupiter’s Northern Hemisphere

The color-enhanced image was taken on April 1 at 2:32 a.m. PST (5:32 a.m. EST), as Juno performed its twelfth close flyby of Jupiter. At the time the image was taken, the spacecraft was about 7,659 miles (12,326 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of the planet at a northern latitude of 50.2 degrees. (NASA Image)

(NASA) ‘ See intricate cloud patterns in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter in this new view taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft.

JunoCam’s raw images are available for the public to peruse and process into image products at:


NASA Released A GIF Showing A So-Called ‘Ghost’ On Jupiter Captured By Juno

The series of images were taken during the tenth approach of the probe to the planet. NASA has shared some images captured during its tenth approach to the planet Jupiter in which a figure that resembles a “ghost” is seen, reports the official page of the Juno Mission. NASA posted on Junos’ page on Twitter a GIF showing the so-called’STB Ghost on Jupiter.

The animation is the product of the combination of two color images taken on December 16th, 2017, by the Juno probe at a difference of 12 minutes between them.

The images were taken on the South Tempered Belt (STB). The two photos were captured successively when the probe was over at a distance of 13,604 and 30,970 kilometers above the planet’s clouds.

This time-lapse animation of two true-color images captures the cyclonic motion of a feature called STB Ghost in the southern hemisphere of #Jupiter. https://t.co/euIhZdiZ6E pic.twitter.com/7KTTAeY4sD

In the center of the image, processed by the amateur scientist Bjorn Jonsson, stands out an elongated shape resulting from a cyclonic movement in an east-west direction. This phenomenon has been given the name of “STB Ghost” because of its similarity to a spectrum.


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NASA Released A GIF Showing A So-Called ‘Ghost’ On Jupiter Captured By Juno
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