GM worms make a super-silk completely unknown in nature

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GM worms make a super-silk completely unknown in nature‘New Scientist

GM worms make a super-silk completely unknown in nature

Silkworms have had their genetic code hacked, allowing them to create a new kind of silk not found in nature. The hacking goes beyond the usual forms of genetic modification, by fundamentally altering the nature of the silk protein the animal makes. And unlike previous attempts at this, it will work on an industrial scale.

‘The silkworm is the first ever industrially useful animal engineered to incorporate synthetic amino acids,’ says Hidetoshi Teramoto of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization


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Giants could be big winners of Jets-Colts trade

The Jets traded three second-round picks to move up just from No. 6 to No. 3 in the NFL draft, setting the bar for any other team that wants to trade up into the Top 5. It’s pretty clear they’re moving up for a quarterback too, which means any team that wants one will have to at least jump ahead of them.

And that puts the Giants in one of the most interesting, and possibly strongest positions in the draft.

The Giants, of course, hold the No. 2 pick, right behind the top-picking Cleveland Browns – and that could be the spot that other teams will now target if they want to move up to take a quarterback of their own. No matter what the Browns do, at least one of the top two quarterbacks will be available in the Giants’ spot. But with the Jets and Browns (again) picking three and four, there’s a chance that three – if not all four – of the top quarterbacks will be gone by Pick 5.

And that poses an interesting dilemma for teams like the Denver Broncos (at 5), the Miami Dolphins (at 11), the Buffalo Bills (at 12 and 22) and the Arizona Cardinals (at 15). If any of them want a quarterback – and they all might – they have to move up. The most likely spot for a trade was 3 with the Indianapolis Colts, but the Jets beat them all to it.

If the Giants are planning to take a quarterback at No. 2 they’re not going anywhere. But if they’re not, they absolutely could be enticed to move down.


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Giants could be big winners of Jets-Colts trade
(Mar 2018) Now, GM Dave Gettleman didn’t sound like a man who was interested . The time and date of the video is unknown. It isn’t good timing for a video of this nature to be released as Beckham is looking for a long-term deal at the moment. He will make $8.4