Glowing UFO ‘spaceship’ spotted ‘watching’ ISS before DISAPPEARING into darkness

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Glowing UFO ‘spaceship’ spotted ‘watching’ ISS before DISAPPEARING into darkness‘Daily StarUFO fans spot 900-foot spaceship the size of The Shard next to Space Station‘Metro

Glowing UFO ‘spaceship’ spotted ‘watching’ ISS before DISAPPEARING into darkness

The video was captured by NASA’s International Space Station on Friday and it appears to show a spaceship lurking in the background.

The small orb-like object floats nearby the artificial satellite before appearing to glow and release smaller objects.

The title read: “This UFO appeared on live cam and spit out an orb that quickly came closer to the space station.

“As the orb left the main ship, it was visible. However its systems seem to become activated after it left, because it soon cloaked.”

One comment read: “Almost seems like its all part of the same object but parts are going in and out of shadow.

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UFO fans spot 900-foot spaceship the size of The Shard next to Space Station

This could be it, UFO fans reckon ‘ final proof that NASA is in league with aliens, and us poor ‘sheeple’ on Earth are being kept in the dark.

A new video has captured what appears to be a 900-foot triangular UFO right next to the International Space Station ‘ in plain view.

First, a twinkling light appears ‘ then it slowly becomes clear it’s actually a spacecraft the size of a battleship!

The legendary UFO expert says, ‘This UFO is going to blow your mind! It just shows up as a single glowing orb. Then it divides into about 4-6 flashing orbs! During this time the UFO is revealed partially, meaning its not 6 UFOs, but one large UFO of about 300 meters diameter.

As you can see in the above photo, the UFO has a more TR3B shape’.meaning its a triangle! To see the triangle UFO, pause the video at 1:12 to see it. ‘

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