A strange time for Assad to poke Trump in the eye

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A strange time for Assad to poke Trump in the eye‘Washington Times

A strange time for Assad to poke Trump in the eye

By the time you read this, President Trump may have carried out his threat to bomb targets in Syria, some of which may host Russian troops.

This is not to mention the conflicts in Myanmar, the Philippines, Ethiopia, the Maghreb, Darfur, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

Nonetheless, the anti-interventionist president is about to take the U.S. into what some constitutionalists might regard as an undeclared war, though Mr. Trump undoubtedly sees it as a retaliatory counterpunch that hardly rises to the level of a war. You bloody his nose, and he’ll bloody yours. He told Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and anyone else who might be involved not to cross the no-gassing line or face a military counterpunch.

This threatened counterpunch (or, for your constitutionalists, act of war) would be the second one in little more than a year against the same secularist Arab dictatorship and be delivered with relative impunity.

Syria is too small and militarily too weak to fight back, at least in a conventional-war sense. Longtime Syria chum Russia is another matter — but it’s highly unlikely to risk its own annihilation in an all-out war with the U.S.

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Trump Weighs Options In Syria While His Twitter Taunting Foolishly Risks Escalation

With reports indicating that President Trump is reportedly considering a more robust military strike against Syria than what we saw last year, Russia has responded by warning the United States that its defensives systems will shoot down any missiles the United States may send toward Syria and that it is prepared to respond in other ways to a U.S. attack on its Syrian ally, the President lashed out on Twitter this morning in a manner that significantly raises tensions in the region and sends the United States on what could be a collision course with Russia in one of the most unstable parts of the world:

WASHINGTON — President Trump put Syria and Russia on notice Wednesday morning in a Twitter post, promising that missiles fired at Syria “will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’” and telling the Kremlin that it should not partner with a “Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!” After the threat, the president said in a separate tweet that relations between the United States and Russia are worse than ever.

The president appeared to be reacting to reports on Tuesday that the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, warned the United States and its allies that any missiles fired at Syria would be shot down. He made those comments in an interview with Al Manar Television.

Mr. Trump’s early morning comments were remarkable in that he is, in a way, telegraphing the United States’ response to a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, which is something he had previously criticized other leaders for doing. Mr. Trump has said publicly that sharing military plans could give enemies information they could use to their advantage. Bracing for a strike, there were already indications that Syria was moving key aircraft to a Russian base in the Mediterranean Sea, taking pains to protect important weapons systems.

But the president’s subsequent tweet struck a different tone. After he warned Russia what it would be up against in Syria, Mr. Trump lamented that relations between the two countries were worse than during the Cold War, a decades-long geopolitical and ideological rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union when both were armed for, and prepared for, nuclear war.

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This Is Not a Drill: Syria Showdown Could Spark Israeli-Iranian and U.S.

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Trump Weighs Options In Syria While His Twitter Taunting Foolishly Risks Escalation
on 11th of Apr 2018 Mr. Trump has been critical of Russia and its president, Vladimir V. Putin, for supporting the Syrian regime, led by Bashar al-Assad, believed to be behind . t assume that is how things will work this time. Relations with both Russia and Iran are

This Is Not a Drill: Syria Showdown Could Spark Israeli-Iranian and U.S.
on 11th of Apr 2018 Putin’s natural inclination to rein in Iranian activities in Syria could be offset by his wish to poke Washington in the eye in response to a possible . And in a faceoff between Putin and Donald Trump, Netanyahu will no doubt side with the latter

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