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Uk Drone Startup Sees Ai

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How delivery drones are already helping fulfil orders for coffee, takeaways and books
on 24th of Jul 2021 Irish start-up Manna has been delivering orders by drone since October, and it has proved so popular that 35% of the 3,000 or so homes in the area have tried it

Post-COVID drone activity urges need for smart airspace security programmes
(Jul 2021) Why the UK is leading the global conversation on counter-drone technology, as more devices take to the skies and expose security blind spots.

Should I buy a DJI drone in 2021?
(Jul 2021) DJI has soared high above most other drone makers in the past few years, but there’s no doubt it’s hit some turbulence recently. With the pandemic keeping most of us indoors and the US adding the

Flytrex CEO On Drone Food Delivery: ‘There’s No Better Way’
(Jul 2021) Yariv Bash, co-founder and CEO of on-demand backyard drone delivery company Flytrex, tells PYMNTS why drones make the most sense for food delivery.

DHL aims to deploy longer distance drones to beat stretched supply lines
(Jul 2021) Logistics giant DHL is working with Bulgarian aircraft developer Dronamics on rolling out cross-border and inter-city drones aimed at overcoming

Edinburgh tram extension progress shown by amazing drone photos as new works start on Monday
on 24th of Jul 2021 Works will begin on Ocean Drive at Stevedoor Place in Leith on Monday, July 26, with teams setting up their site this weekend

Best drone for 2021 – CNET
(Jul 2021) And even an inexpensive drone for newcomers can supply loads of enjoyable. For about $50 (about £40 or AU$80), you may get a fundamental quadcopter drone with an built-in digicam that may fly for

Viewers in awe as impressive drone display lights up Tokyo sky at Olympic Games opening ceremony
(Jul 2021) Hundreds of drones took to the skies above the Olympic Stadium in what was a highlight of the opening ceremony for many fans

US military drone destroys Iranian-backed militia truck in Syria
(Jul 2021) A United States military drone was thought to be behind the destruction Sunday of a truck close to the Iraq-Syria border, with reports suggesting that it belonged to a pro-Iranian militia and was

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