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What Is The Military Doing About Ufos The Pentagons Internal Watchdog Wants To Know

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‘A total lack of focus’: Lawmaker on a mission to compel Pentagon to take UFOs seriously
on 25th of Sep 2021 There has been a growing number of reports in recent years from Navy pilots and other military personnel of highly advanced craft of unknown origin violating protected airspace, some of them

Mysterious ‘UFO-like’ aircraft spotted being towed on trailer at US defence base
(Sep 2021) MYSTERY surrounds a UFO-like aircraft that was seen being towed into a top-secret US military base.  According to reports, it was spotted at Lockheed Martin’s secretive Helendale radar-cross

House NDAA Includes Permanent UFO-Studying Office Within Pentagon
(Sep 2021) If the legislation clears the Senate as is, the new office would investigate military reports of unexplained incidents—and whether they’re linked to foreign threats.

The Truth Is Here: International UFO Investigation Organization MUFON Sets Up Permanent Headquarters in Cincinnati
(Sep 2021) The 52-year-old organization boasts the largest civilian database of UFO sightings and deploys certified researchers to investigate new occurrences across the globe.

Meet the West Midlands UFO hunter who investigates ‘vanishing abductees’ and ‘lights’ on Birmingham’s Rotunda
(Sep 2021) In one case, a video showed one woman – a supposed abductee – vanishing from her bed before reappearing in eerie footage

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