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[ Video taken by US Navy pilot appears to show UFO, Pentagon confirms video is real ]

The grainy video from the U.S. Navy shows a pyramid-shaped object that was spotted by one of their pilots.

It’s real, they said. However, they remain unidentified aerial phenomena, no one is sure what they are.

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Pentagon Confirms Newly Leaked UFO Footage Was Filmed By Navy

Recent years have seen a number of high-profile UFO sightings by US military personnel. ANURAKE SINGTO-ON/

The’Pentagon has confirmed that a number of freshly leaked videos appearing to show UFOs, or “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP) as they are officially known, were taken by Navy personnel. However, there’s no word yet on what exactly these mysterious sightings actually are.’

The footage was recently shared by TV investigative journalist George Knapp at’‘and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell at’, both of whom are’well-versed in the world of UFOs.’

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Pentagon spokesperson confirms leaked ‘UFO’ images, video is real

A spokesperson from the Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of incredible leaked images and video from their UFO investigations.

Night vision captured by a US Navy destroyer was posted online by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, appearing to show ‘mystery’ flying objects near warships.

‘The US Navy photographed and filmed ‘pyramid’ shaped UFOs and ‘spherical’ advanced transmedium vehicles; here is that footage,’ he wrote on Instagram.

The clip was gathered by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force, the publication reports.

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Corbell also claimed he verified their authenticity after getting access to a Pentagon intelligence briefing into the UAP.

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Eerie moment flashing pyramid UFO and bizarre orb swoop on US warships before vanishing in latest Navy footage

Startling footage captured by a US Navy destroyer using night vision cameras appears to show several mysterious flashing objects in the skies.

The film was leaked to Jeremy Corbell, a film director in the US, who made the documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, and George Knapp, a Las Vegas KLAS TV news anchor.

Corbell said he has been able to verify the film’s authenticity after gaining information from an intelligence briefing from the Pentagon into Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

Pentagon officials also confirmed the images were taken by US Navy personnel – but did not comment on the nature of the footage.

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