Trinny Woodall left red-faced after wardrobe malfunction on Instagram Live

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Trinny Woodall was left red-faced after accidentally flashing followers while speaking on her latest Instagram Live.

The fashion guru who shares her styling tips on This Morning suffered a wardrobe malfunction while changing outfits during her video.

The What Not to Wear presenter had been trying’on a selection of’clothing for’fans when the mishap occurred.

Lifting her arms overhead to remove a dress, the TV presenter’s bra came undone causing her to accidentally flash viewers.

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“What a great bra, it just came off. I was just about to flash!” Trinny told’viewers who promptly moved off-camera’to get dressed.

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Trinny Woodall – half of Trinny and Susannah fame, the host of What Not To Wear, and now owner of her own eponymous beauty brand – has hit the headlines this week. She has been ‘left red-faced’ after a ‘blunder’ on Instagram. No, she wasn’t caught doing anything scandalous – rather she accidentally showed her boobs while she was changing on an Instagram live, as her bra pinged off.

Whatever. Anyone who has a cleavage knows the struggle of bras, these things happen. They’re not the most reliable of garments. Nip slips happen to the best of us.

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Trinny Woodall left red-faced after accidentally flashing boobs to fans on Instagram Live

Trinny Woodall had no idea she had accidentally flashed her boobs to fans on her Instagram Live as she styled different outfits

The 57-year-old fashion guru, who regularly appears on This Morning to share her styling tips, gave her 983,000 followers an eyeful as her bra pinged off while she changed outfits during the video.

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As she lifted her arms over her head to take off a dress, she was blissfully unaware her red gingham bra had become undone and that her chest was exposed to the camera.

The TV star moved out of the camera to get dressed, but later uploaded the Instagram Live to her page without editing out the flash.

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Her clothes made her look like a dog’s dinner!

Style gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are famous for their candid remarks about people’s dress sense. In this new column they will be just as honest as they make-over a reader each week.

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