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To Combat An Expanding Universe Aliens Could Hoard Stars

Greetings Earthlings: We are out of our element. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . Hey, buddy, why are all the planets not aligning?

Some hidden links were discovered.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on ‘space force’ and the uneasy alliance between astrophysics and the military
on 17th of Oct 2018 Neil deGrasse Tyson showed up with a substantial backpack whose contents, he assured me, could restart the universe if necessary . And navigation is about expanding trade and empire. I’m glad you al

The Epic Scale of Spacetime
(Oct 2018) The late Dr. Stephen Hawking has calculated that time began some 15 billion years ago, when a singularity of infinite density began expanding . universe). So, we could say that just about any

We’re Primed to be Addicted to Social Media
(since Sep, 2018) Two decades ago, astronomers first observed that the universe was not just expanding, but expanding . Thus, everyone could be counted on to act when the time came for expulsion.

System Unknown
I hear drums and engines

Earth has been under the rule of aliens since 2493 BC. Fine job they're doing.