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To Combat An Expanding Universe Aliens Could Hoard Stars

Greetings Earthlings: Servers on reboot. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . NASA, either it's cold or someone stole the sun.

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Top Upcoming Cooperative Video Games of 2019
(months ago) Players will find that the title will resemble Halo 3 along with the first two main installments to the Halo franchise, Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. Being a fan-made game, there could be some

The best strategy games you can play right now
(May 2019) And the recent Gathering Storm expansion . alien invaded world doesn’t pull any punches. Turn-based in style with expansive terrains to navigate, the sequel is much bigger in scope than its

To combat an expanding universe, aliens could hoard stars
(months ago)   Science News

An advanced alien civilization might combat the impact of dark energy by harvesting stars.

Two years later, Darkest Dungeon is completely different for the better
(months ago)   Ars Technica

Darkest Dungeon’s newest DLC isn’t quite like anything else in the game prior. The expansion, called “The Color of Madness,” is a clear homage to an H.P. .

Who Goes There?: The Thing returns to the tabletop
(months ago)   Ars Technica

Battling infection, paranoia, and a monster in Antarctica.

Destiny 2: Forsaken review: Hallelujah, Destiny’s back
(months ago)   Ars Technica

When Destiny was released in late 2014, expectations were high. The “looter shooter” genre had shown itself to be a force after the success of Gearbox .

The best Instagram accounts to follow if you love space
(years back)   New Statesman

As new space findings hit the news on an almost daily basis, the app offers an alternative window onto the universe.

Star Signs + Strains: March 2019 Horoscopes
(many weeks now)   Leafly

Buckle up, stargazers! Mercury enters its first retrograde of 2019 on March 5th, and it will stay there almost the entire month, going direct on March 28th.

Why Do We Enjoy Being Scared? – The Crux
(months ago)   Discover Magazine

The gains from thrills and chills can go further than the natural high of being frightened.

Black AfterLives Matter – Boston Review
(months ago) Black AfterLives Matter  Boston Review

Black AfterLives Matter from Boston Review. Second chances are the currency of white supremacy. To be white is to colonize the afterlife.

Spawning An Intervention – The Crux
(months ago)   Discover Magazine

To help corals survive the myriad threats they currently face, an international team of scientists is mastering the art and science of raising coral babies.

‘Lie Detectors’ Do Not Detect Lies – Reason
(months ago) ‘Lie Detectors’ Do Not Detect Lies  Reason

A polygraph test does not prove Christine Blasey Ford is telling the truth—or anything else.

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