Those Navy UFO The San Diego Union. A 12,000-word treatise in the New Yorker.

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[ Those amazing Navy UFO videos may have down-to-earth explanations, skeptics contend – The San Diego Union ]

An expos’ on 60 Minutes. A 12,000-word treatise in the New Yorker. Breathless cable-news coverage of alien craft.

UFO enthusiasts are having their moment ahead of the release of a Congressionally-mandated report on what the Pentagon calls ‘unidentified aerial phenomenon.’ The coverage of Navy videos purporting to show evidence of strange, unknown aircraft have featured the voices of so-called ufologists ‘ UFO researchers ‘ and Navy pilots who say they’ve seen mysterious objects in the skies off San Diego and the East Coast.

But as the videos revived decades-old theories of extra-terrestrial visitation, the frenzy has been frustrating for those who specialize in debunking hoaxes and conspiracy theories. These skeptics point to more down-to-earth explanations.

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Date: 2021-05-29T12:00:37.394
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