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[ The Wardrobe Malfunction Sarah Jessica Parker Wants You To Forget ]

Sarah Jessica Parker is forever Carrie Bradshaw in our hearts, and her Sex and the City career seems to be never-ending thanks to a reboot of the iconic HBO series. The Sex and the City revival ‘ which is called And Just Like That… ‘has made major waves since Kim Cattrall, a key member of the foursome, will not be returning.

Not only that, Chris Noth reportedly won’t be returning either to take on the iconic role of Mr. Big. Despite these no-shows, the revival will go on and there’s good reason, especially when you look at how huge Parker’s net worth is.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Sarah Jessica Parker Has Been Pulling These 10 Fashion Tricks Since the ’80s

Thankfully, you don’t just have to take our word for it; since Parker has been in the spotlight so long, there’s plenty of photo evidence. Take a look at the fashion tricks she just can’t quit, ahead.

Sometimes, all you need is that one little extra to take your look to the next level. For Parker, an eye-catching pendant necklace is often the final touch, both for formal events and casual everyday wear.

Not everyone is a fan of this denim staple, but the actress makes a strong case for breaking out some overalls. Not only are they perfect for throw-on-and-go days, but they can also be dressed up with fun jackets, hats, sparkly shoes, and puff sleeves.

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All of the ’90s Fashion Trends That We Still Love Wearing Today

Style Notes: Perhaps one of the most iconic fashion moments of the ’90s, Dionne’s and Cher’s checked skirts often come back around into high-fashion circles.

Style Notes: From very revealing bras and bikinis as tops through to more demure unbuttoned styling like Gwyneth Paltrow in Great Expectations, there was a lot of stomach action during the ’90s.

Style Notes: Cassette tapes are long gone, but Mariah Carey’s monogrammed Louis Vuitton rucksack feels as current as ever.

Style Notes: From the midi length to the snakeskin fabric, we can totally imagine this Cindy Crawford dress being worn by someone on Instagram this season. It might’ve had a bit of a dip in the intervening years, but animal print is currently still very cool.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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