Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Katrina Scott IVF. The 37-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and mother-of-two strutted down the catwalk last

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[ Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Katrina Scott walks runway despite ‘swelling’ from IVF treatment ]

The 37-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and mother-of-two strutted down the catwalk last week, despite “swelling hormones” caused by a recent IVF treatment ‘ and fans are calling her “a true inspiration” for it.

The “Tone It UP” co-founder took to Instagram earlier this month to explain the context to her more than 425,000 followers and reveal how she acquired the opportunity in the first place.

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“You’re so beautiful and inspiring! The level of strength and confidence inspires me,” someone else wrote.

She noted that hormone therapy felt like an “emotional whirlwind,” and admitted that while she didn’t feel bikini-ready leading up to the show, she didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

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Model Katrina Scott on Walking SI Swim Runway Despite ‘Swelling, Hormones’ from IVF Cycle

The Tone It Up co-founder and mom of one hopes to inspire other women to “keep your head high and your heart open” during difficult times

When Tone It Up co-founder Katrina Scott hit the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit catwalk last weekend, her trip down the runway was more than just another modeling gig for the 37-year-old. It was a moment to help inspire others trying to conceive.

Scott, a fitness entrepreneur and mom to 2-year-old daughter Isabelle, was in the midst of IVF treatments when she got the call asking to join the crew of women participating in SI Swim’s runway show during Miami Swim Week.

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Model walks Sports Illustrated runway in the middle of IVF cycle

The fitness entrepreneur is in the middle of IVF treatment after suffering two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy.

“With IVF, I had to have a surgery called hysteroscopy,” she told TODAY Parents. “After that, they put you on high levels of estrogen.”

Scott said the hormone treatment was a “whirlwind” and she remembers crying for no reason to her husband, Brian.

“I just remember crying and telling him ‘The hormones are making me feel really emotional’,” she shared.

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Sports Illustrated’s Newest Rookie Swimsuit Model Is a Mom Who Walked the Runway Mid

If you’ve been through ‘ or are going through ‘ in vitro fertilization (IVF), you know’the egg retrieval process can be a long and rough road. It’s not generally thought of as the point at which you want to throw on a bikini and walk a Sports Illustrated runway, but that’s exactly what Katrina Scott did recently after being chosen as a 2021 Sports Illustrated rookie for the annual Swimsuit Issue.

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SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott says rookie title is ‘a blessing’ after ‘struggling with a fertility journey’

Scott joined Kathy Jacobs, Natalie Mariduena, Brooks Nader as well as the 13 Swim Search hopefuls selected for the magazine’s annual open casting call, at the Mondrian Hotel South Beach’s Baia Beach Club during PARAISO Miami Beach. Jasmine Sanders opened the runway, and Haley Kalil, co-winner of the first-ever Swimsuit open casting call, was a surprise guest.

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