Sofia Vergara All Snack With Braless Golden Globes

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Holding a basket with a napkin and what appeared to be a snack situation, Sofia posed all wide-mouthed and smiling, then dropping a caption.

All apple cheeks, glossy highlight, and tousled hair, Sofia threw out her infectious personality and her giant pair of personalities, writing: “Tell me you miss award shows without telling me you miss award shows. I’ll go first. “

Over 50,000 likes were left in just 25 minutes, with 57-year-old reality star Lisa Rinna quickly swooping in to send Sofia the thumbs-up. “I miss your dresses,” one fan replied, with another simply calling Vergara the “queen.” And this is a girl whose Golden Globes can definitely make a headline. See how below.

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While you’re here, how about this:

The drunkest celebrities at the Golden Globes through the years

It’s not like actors are a particularly shy bunch. But give them some drinks and some praise, and you’ve got some of the loosest lips around. And that’s the magic of the Golden Globes.

‘This red? It’s my blood,’ said Emma Thompson ‘ onstage to the best screenplay award in 2014 ‘ as she clutched her scarlet-soled Louboutins in one hand and a martini in the other. Without a hand to open the envelope, she finally had to toss the shoes over the shoulder.

And while tonight’s 78th annual Globes ceremony will be virtual, with Amy Poehler in Beverly Hills and her co-host Tina Fey at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan, both joined by presenters ‘ and the nominees scattered all over the world ‘ that doesn’t mean it will be any less boozy.

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Sofia Vergara, 48, looks very different in bikini throwback images from twenties

And on Thursday the Modern Family actress was at it again as she wore a white bikini top with a diamond necklace and earrings in three portraits.

But with dark chocolate colored hair, the 48-year-old TV staple looked very different from the way she appears now with lighter locks.

* * *

The Hot Pursuit star had on a diamond choker and also diamond earrings with pearls for a very Dynasty-era glam look.

* * *

Sofia worked as a bikini model in her native Colombia then Los Angeles before entering the acting world.

Her look now: Sofia Vergara used to have dark hair when she was a model in her twenties. These days Sofia, left, has highlighted hair; seen with a friend at one of her homes

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Sharon stone

‘You are not completely powerless and can slow down the process enormously if you pull yourself together, eat disciplined and exercise a lot.’

Actress Sharon Stone claimed on Twitter that she had been blocked from dating app Bumble. Bumble, which differs from other dating apps as the woman must initiate contact by sending the first message, said Ms Stone’s account may have been

She wants to share her story with others in a bid to help people to spot the signs of a stroke early.

* * *

Sharon Stone proved she is still a stone cold fox on Sunday night at the 2018 Golden Globes. The actress attended the event to present Best Supporting Actress in a Series/Limited Series/TV Movie, but she stole the show when she stepped onto the stage.

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