‘SNL’ Cast Member Claims Trump Faked A Bizarre Phone Call During Rehearsals

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‘He was like, ‘Hello,’ Davidson said, mimicking the call. ‘He goes, ‘Oh, fantastic. OK, great.’ And then he hung up and he goes, ‘Hey, everybody! My book just went number one.

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Saturday Night Live‘ cast member Pete Davidson claims President Donald Trump faked a congratulatory phone call during rehearsals for his November 2015 hosting appearance.’

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Pete Davidson reveals what it was like having Trump on @nbcSNL — and it’s worse than you thought pic.twitter.com/yGce3cQihF

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Trump ‘Faked A Phone Call About His Book Going To Number One’ While In Saturday Night Live Writers Room

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A world of complex threats awaits Gina Haspel as CIA director

The senators barely touched those topics, however, instead focusing nearly all their questions on Haspel’s role in the agency’s then-secret network of overseas prisons where terrorism suspects were tortured in hopes of producing intelligence on attacks after Sept. 11, 2001.

With the Senate voting 54 to 45 to confirm Haspel on Thursday, the career CIA officer’s attention will pivot from a dark chapter in her past and in U.S. history to a daunting array of threats and opportunities around the globe.

The CIA is deeply involved in helping President Trump prepare for a June 12 summit in Singapore where he will try to persuade North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear weapons. Two weeks ago, however, Trump pulled out of the international accord that has successfully blocked Iran from building any nuclear weapons ‘ even as U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded Tehran was complying with the deal.

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World of threats awaits new CIA director

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