Portugal Establishes National Space Agency Based

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Portugal Space was formally established on 18 March 2019 at a signing ceremony in the Azores capital city of Ponta Delgada attended by the Portuguese Council of Ministers. The Azores are an archipelago of Portuguese islands in mid-North Atlantic Ocean west of the Portuguese mainland on the Iberian Peninsula.

Portugal Space is in the process of establishing a spaceport on Santa Maria island with the aim of launching small satellites into low-Earth orbit by 2021.

The proposed spaceport is, ‘as close to continental Europe as it is to the American continent and with a large oceanic coverage of more than 1,500 kilometers in any direction, [Santa Maria] offers absolutely unique advantages for the promotion and development of the ‘New Space,’ particularly through the ongoing reinforcement of satellite monitoring infrastructures (i.e., antennas) and, mainly, the installation of new satellite launch services,’ Heitor added in the report, Portugal Space 2030.

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Many things are taking place:

Portugal Just Launched a National Space Agency!

The country made its plans official on March 18, when its Council of Ministers signed the charter at a formal ceremony at Ponta Delgada, Portugal ‘ the capital city of the Azores archipelago, where the new space agency will be based.’

Located west of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores may soon host Portugal’s first spaceport and new infrastructure for satellite tracking and monitoring. Portugal Establishes National Space Agency Based In The ... space has become the latest country to establish a national space agency. The new entity, called Portugal Space, will be headquartered in the Azores island of Santa Maria, the site of a proposed spaceport and a European Space Agency (ESA) Estrack tracking and telemetry station. The agency’s headquarters are being built on the Azores island of Santa Maria; named “Portugal Space,” the new organization aims to start launching small satellites by 2021.

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Professor leads science study for new space

After two years of intensive work, led by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s (NRL) Space Science Division, the design for a conceptual space-based observatory is headed to the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s Decadal Survey on Astronomy and Astrophysics, which establishes the astronomy community’s priorities for the next decade. Portugal Just Launched a National Space Agency! | Space officials sign the charter to establish the national space agency, Portugal Space, at a ceremony on São Miguel Island on March 18, 2019. For Texas Tech University’s Tom Maccarone, who played an integral role in the observatory’s development over the last two years, now begins an equally important chapter ‘ ensuring that key decision makers understand its importance.

“We hope the Decadal Survey will specifically say that STROBE-X should be done,” said Maccarone, a Presidential Research Excellence Professor in the Texas Tech Department of Physics & Astronomy. “But even if they just say that high-collecting-area X-ray timing and spectroscopy are important, we should have a good chance to have our mission fly.”

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New space hub coming to Queanbeyan if Labor elected

Federal Labor has pledged $20 million to establish a space industry hub near Canberra if it wins government.

As the election race leaves the stratosphere, shadow spokesman for science and innovation Kim Carr said the funding injection would create up to 50 ongoing jobs over the border as part of a new technology park in Jerrabomberra.

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“It’s so important for Australia to maintain sovereign space capabilities, [it’s] vital to our national security,” Mr Carr said.

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The money would be delivered through the Australian Space Agency over the next four years, with further investment flagged for a co-operative research centre in advanced space manufacturing.

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