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Ufo Awareness Day Sightings Pennsylvania What They Saw

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We’ve always loved aliens — here’s where to celebrate them in Pennsylvania
(Jun 2021) UFO sightings and aliens permeate every aspect of pop culture, from movies, songs and books, as well as annual Kecksburg UFO Festival

The woman who forced the US government to take UFOs seriously
(Jun 2021) Leslie Kean was handed a 90-page report of UFO sightings by pilots. After publishing her first story on the subject, she was hooked

How UFO Sightings Went From Conspiracy Theory To A Serious Government Inquiry
(Jun 2021) Are we alone? Have alien spacecraft been buzzing across Earth’s skies? Those are the questions being asked in the U.S. government’s new report on unexplained aerial phenomena — its preferred term for

How UFOs conquered the world – without firing a shot
(Jun 2021) As we await the release of the Pentagon’s much anticipated report on UFOs, David Clarke explains how the idea of visitors in mysterious flying objects grew from its origins in the Cold War into the mo

UFOs: How to Calculate the Odds That an Alien Spaceship Has Been Spotted
(Jun 2021) A one in a billion estimate is based on arguments that could be wrong and are debatable.

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