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Nui Galway Scientists Selected By European Space Agency For Gravitational Wave Spacecraft Study

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Eamon O’Shea: The quiet man with words of wisdom
on 25th of Aug 2019 “I enjoyed Sunday night and just needed to be set up to go again.” Looking out the window of his office in the ILAS Building, on the NUI Galway campus, hurling is on his mind, but not how you might

Evidence-based research proving vital for good healthcare
(Aug 2019) A lot of your research focuses on evidence in healthcare. Why? “In health, we want everything we do to be backed up by evidence, rather than doing things because they have always been done that way,

‘I went to college to study Performing Arts but I diverted, and I ended up doing my final thesis in Irish dairying and the EU’
(Aug 2019) Her passion for performance attracted her to the BA Performing Arts in NUI Galway, taking Psychology and Irish Studies as well. “After first year, I enjoyed Irish Studies and Psychology far more than

Rising costs acting as barrier to education for students
(Aug 2019) A generation of young people will not reach their potential unless the Government takes action to create equal access to education, the President of NUI Galway Students’ Union has warned. This comes

Student Profile: Freedom to change courses was ideal for Jessica
(Aug 2019) During my Leaving Certificate, I changed my mind every week about what I wanted to do in college, eventually I decided that Engineering in NUI Galway was the course for me. Originally I wanted to do

Galway 2020: UK firm will assess ‘Europeanness’
(Aug 2019) Galway’s European Capital of Culture project has awarded a €200,000 contract to a British company to monitor and evaluate the 2020 artistic programme. The Audience Agency, based in London and

American Ambassador berated for saying Ireland is looking forward to Vice President Pence visit
(Aug 2019) “Ambassador you do not speak for Ireland, nor do I,” says Dr. Shivaun Quinlivan, a law lecturer at NUI Galway. “But as an Irish person I do not welcome your Vice President who is a misogynist and

NUIG seminar to examine public and patient involvement in health care
(Aug 2019) Galway Bay fm newsroom – NUI Galway is to host a seminar next week on the challenges and perspectives of public and patient involvement in health care. The seminar is hosted by the NUI Galway Health

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