Doing so allows engineers to play with unique designs and traits, such as making hardware lighter,

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[ NASA’s Perseverance Rover Bringing 3D-Printed Metal Parts to Mars ]

Publisher: NASA
Date: 2020-10-19T11:29-04:00
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NASA’s Perseverance Rover Bringing 3D

Instead of forging, molding, or cutting materials, 3D printing relies on lasers to melt powder in successive layers to give shape to something. Doing so allows engineers to play with unique designs and traits, such as making hardware lighter, stronger, or responsive to heat or cold.

“It’s like working with papier-m’ch’,” said Andre Pate, the group lead for additive manufacturing at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. “You build each feature layer by layer, and soon you have a detailed part.”

Curiosity, Perseverance’s predecessor, was the first mission to take 3D printing to the Red Planet. It landed in 2012 with a 3D-printed ceramic part inside the rover’s ovenlike Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrument. NASA has since continued to test 3D printing for use in spacecraft to make sure the reliability of the parts is well understood.

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Date: 2020-10-19 12:10:00
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Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in 17 years

Mars will be closer to Earth tonight than at any point in the past 17 years tonight and will be the second brightest object in the night sky after the Moon, astronomers say.

The Red Planet is at its point of opposition, with the Earth passing directly between it and the Sun and will appear ‘effectively as a full Mars’, according to NASA.

It will be visible with the naked eye and appear slightly reddish in colour and looking through a telescope should allow you to spot surface features and polar ice caps.

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Date: 2020-10-06T14:34:14+0100
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Aerospace Parts/Technology

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Orbital mechanics

Mars may not be the kind of place to raise your kids, but chances are that one day [Elton John]’s famous lyrics will be wrong about there being no one there to raise them. For now, however, we have probes, orbiters, and landers. Mars missions are going strong this year, with three nations about to launch their rockets towards the Red Planet: the United States sending their Perseverance rover, China’s Tianwen-1 mission, and the United Arab Emirates sending their Hope orbiter.

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BIG shoots for the Moon with 3D-printed lunar habitat plan

“NASA has signaled that, through the Artemis program, the Moon will be the first off-Earth site for sustainable surface exploration,” explains BIG’s press release. “BIG has partnered with Icon to begin designing Project Olympus, a sustainable lunar habitat that will be the first human foray into extra-terrestrial construction with robust structures that provide better thermal, radiation, and micrometeorite protection than metal or inflatable habitats can offer. From landing pads to habitats, these collective efforts together with NASA and Search+ are driven by the need to make humanity a spacefaring civilization.”

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