Kendall Jenner LA. She just returned back to the states following a blissful holiday to picturesque Bahamas with sister

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[ Kendall Jenner showcases her long, toned legs in tiny spandex shorts during lunch outing in LA ]

She just returned back to the states following a blissful holiday to picturesque Bahamas with sister Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi, as well as friends.

And days after touching down in her home base of Los Angeles, Kendall Jenner was spotted arriving to lunch at Croft Alley at Melrose Place.

The supermodel, 24, showcased her long, toned legs in tiny spandex shorts with a two-two jacked for the afternoon meal with her friends Fai Khadra, Justine Skye and Zack Bia.

Kendall enjoy these little outings.

Earlier Thursday afternoon, Kendall Jenner was carelessly purchasing knickknacks and what not, minding her own business in West Hollywood when a black man approached her in the parking lot. Don’t want to sound stereotypical here, but does this seem alarming? What if it were a white man approaching her in the parking lot? Hmm. How about a white girl (that’s a different genre)  or someone wearing a bright purple Barney suit.

Anyway, since Kendall is obviously not a racist, this encounter did not result in state troopers storming the parking lot form all angles. Before the E! star drove off in her Lamborghini, her mystery man asked for a selfie. Ok, that’s not a stalker red flag at all.

What came next was a moment nobody was expecting. In video obtained exclusively by E! News, the brave man who called himself John dropped down on one knee and proposed to the supermodel.

Can someone say pepper-spray? But before Kendall decided to reach for it, you know, pepper-spray from the glove compartment of her Lamborghini, she instead said, “I don’t even know your name.”

OMG Kendall.

And she continued. “Nice to meet you. You seem very nice.”

There is a lesson to learn here. If a black man approaches a young lady in the parking lot, girls, make sure you got breath mints, just in case you plan on saying ‘yes’ to a proposal.

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