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Airborne Orbit Communications Leader Cesiumastro

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This flying fire sensor could help track wildfires from a satellite in space
on 24th of Jul 2021 As wildfires currently devastate western North America, a new airborne project team hopes to develop a space solution to stop conflagrations before they get out of control. The project could one day

NorthStar developing prototype Earth observation system for marine and coastal tracking
(Jul 2021) NorthStar Earth & Space, a startup developing a constellation for tracking other satellites, has secured Canadian government funding for a prototype Earth observation monitoring system to combat

$1.5 million grant will improve wildfire spotting from the air and space
(Jul 2021) California’s fire season is in full swing and could well be worse than in 2020, but new tools are on the way to help responders more rapidly locate wildfires once they break out and, ideally, quickly

Mercury Redstone 4: A close shave for America’s second man in space
(Jul 2021) Sixty years ago this week, America sent its second man into space. The mission had gone flawlessly, but nearly ended in tragedy when the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury space capsule sank into the sea, almost

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