In 2021, hot tub streams have taken over the platform.

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[ ImJasmine Receives Twitch Ban After Wardrobe Malfunction During Hot Tub Stream ]

Popular Twitch streamer “ImJasmine” has been banned on Twitch after a new “Hot Tub Stream.” Fortunately for viewers of the increasingly popular streamer, the ban is only for a day. In 2021, hot tub streams have taken over the platform. One of the most controversial trends yet, it’s helped many experience a meteoric rise up the streaming charts. However, it’s also causing problems for both Twitch and those participating in the trend. Several hot tub streams have ended in bannings, usually over wardrobe malfunctions, while reports indicate the trend has led to a decline in ad revenue for the streaming platform.

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Twitch streamer ImJasmine banned after suffering a wardrobe malfunction during Hot

Twitch streamer “ImJasmine” has been temporarily banned from Twitch after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a live “Hot-Tub” stream.

The ‘Just Chatting’ streamer was recently struck with a Twitch ban hammer following the events of her recent live stream.

The popular streamer recently went live on Twitch on April 22nd under the ‘Just Chatting’ section. Unfortunately, the stream didn’t end well for ImJasmine.

Like other hot-tub streams that have taken over Twitch, Jasmine was dressed in a bikini as she streamed in a hot tub and interacted with her chat. However, things went awry as she suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction exposed a little more than she would have liked.

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Twitch star Imjasmine BANNED after accidental nudity during controversial ‘hot tub livestream’

ONE of Twitch’s rising stars has been temporarily banned from the platform after suffering a wardrobe malfunction live on air.

Streamer Imjasmine was dazzling fans during a broadcast from a paddling pool on Wednesday when she accidentally exposed herself on camera.

After her fans highlighted the error in the stream’s chat, the influencer quickly covered herself up.

* * *

Imjasmine, who has more than 220,000 followers on Twitch, regularly engages in a new craze known as “hot tub livestreams”.

They involve streamers ‘ typically bikini-clad women ‘ chatting to followers while broadcasting from a hot tub or inflatable pool.

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Kiaraakitty Banned From Twitch Again (April 22)

It looks like popular Twitch streamer Kiaraakitty has been banned from Twitch for the third straight time, here’s what we know about Kiara’s April 22 Twitch ban.

Kiarakitty is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator. Kiara often live streams IRL content but does occasionally stream games.

* * *

Unfortunately, there’s no official reason from either Kiara or Twitch as to why she received her third ban on April 22.

However, as Kiara often streams IRL in a hot tub, which has become the new Twitch meta and ultimately resulted in ImJasmine receiving a ban from Twitch on the same day.

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