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Europas Buried Ocean Could Rise To The Surface

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Arctic permafrost might contain ‘sleeping giant’ of world’s carbon emissions
(Dec 2018) “Acidification could be 100 times more severe,” Prof. Gustafsson said. “Ocean . buried underwater. Or it might originate from natural gas much deeper down that is reaching the surface through

Plastic is now part of our planet’s fabric – a scientist and archaeologist discuss what happens next
(since Nov, 2018) In rivers and oceans, plastic moves vast distances and is now found right through the water column of the oceans, from the surface . on the ocean floor. But plastics buried in earth could

Want to Build a Delaware Beach House? Expect Regular Floodwaters in 30 Years
(Dec 2018) Since then, sand and the addition of top soil has buried most of the concrete foundation . there’s potentially more rainfall, there could be more storm surge, and all that gets exacerbated by sea le

I was wrong on climate change. Why can’t other conservatives admit it, too?
(since Nov, 2018) Imagine if these figures reflected a rise in terrorism — or illegal immigration. Republicans would be freaking out. Yet they are oddly blasé about this climate code red. President Trump, whose minions

Siberian region fights to preserve permafrost as planet warms
(Dec 2018) Permafrost covers almost the whole of Yakutia – a northeast Siberian region bordering the Arctic Ocean, an area five . city built on permafrost, and it could be especially in danger from the

42 Stunning Images of Snow and Ice on Earth From Space
(since Nov, 2018) Ground temperatures about 20 meters (65 feet) below the surface are roughly minus 10 degrees . During March 2018, Lake Tahoe was buried with 230 inches of snow after an unusually dry winter. Sea ice

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