Countryfile star Anita Rani suffers embarrassing wardrobe mishap

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Anita Rani gave her fans something to laugh about after sharing her hilarious wardrobe malfunction on Thursday night.

Taking to her Instagram page, the Countryfile host – who recently joined Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour – revealed she wore her stripy shirt all day inside out.

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GMB’s Sean Fletcher hits out at Halfon over schooling crisis ‘Where is Gavin Williamson?’

The pair were in the hot seat this morning and later on, in the programme, the duo were joined by Mr Halfon.’

The MP for Harlow chairs the House of Commons’Education Select Committee and today was probed on the ongoing coronavirus and the impact this is having on schooling.

Hawkins noted the ‘late decision’ which had been taken on Christmas and felt it seemed to be the same for the issue of whether children would go back to school.

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Halfon replied: ‘I very much want schools to go back for the reasons I’ve just outlined’ I’m worried we are damaging children’s mental health and well-being

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Banned pesticides in leading food brands

A study by the Government’s Pesticides Safety Directorate found the banned chemical DDT in a high proportion of samples of Anchor butter sold in the UK.

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Other chemicals, mainly fungicides, were found in Alphabites and potato waffles sold by Birds Eye. Two Cow & Gate baby foods contained traces of a fungicide legally sprayed on potatoes.

* * *

Two products in another range, Aunt Bessie’s, and others from the McCain brand contained similar chemicals.

* * *

Apart from DDT all the levels of the other chemicals were within safety levels approved throughout Europe.

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