Budget proposal, ISS partners provide new momentum for lunar Gateway

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WASHINGTON ‘ NASA’s plans to develop a crewed facility in lunar orbit to support exploration of the moon got boosts both in the White House’s budget request for the agency as well as from the partners in the International Space Station.

The fiscal year 2020 budget request, released March 11, seeks $821 million for continued work on the lunar Gateway, a project previously known as the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway and the Deep Space Gateway. Congress allocated $450 million for the program, which it called the Lunar Orbital Platform, in the final fiscal year 2019 appropriations bill signed into law Feb. 15.

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Proposed fiscal 2020 White House budget allocates $21.4 billion for transportation

In its fiscal 2020 budget proposal, entitled a ‘A Budget for a Better America,’ the White House gives transportation infrastructure its due, even though many freight transportation and supply chain stakeholders largely have dismissed President Trump’s inaction on transportation infrastructure, which he touted as a campaign promise, since he formally took office in January 2017.

The budget, which was released yesterday, requested $21.4 billion in discretionary budget authority for 2020, which represents a $5.9 billion, or 22% decrease, compared to its 2019 discretionary estimate, and also provides $62.2 billion in mandatory funds and obligation limitations.

US budget slashes global development funding, stresses burden sharing

The budget‘requests $42.7 billion for the foreign affairs budget, including the Department of State‘and U.S. Agency for International Development. Congress appropriated $56.1 billion in the fiscal year 2019.

‘For two years we have seen the administration call for an increase in burden sharing from other donors, but we have yet to see a coherent strategy of how a lower budget request results in increased burden sharing.’

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Air Force puts $35 million in new budget for light attack experiment

Maj. Gen. John M. Pletcher, the Air Force’s deputy assistant secretary for budget, confirmed during a Tuesday briefing that the Air Force included funding in its FY20 budget for the light attack experiment budget as well as ‘procurement dollars in the outyears that will allow us to start a program, should the results of the experiment say it’s a good investment to do so.’

Earlier this year, Air Force Undersecretary Matt Donovan confirmed that the service was not ready to begin a program of record for light attack aircraft, despite holding two rounds of demonstrations and issuing draft requests for proposals.

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