Breadboards and dog collars: England’s unusual museums

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Adventures in Science Fiction is the latest historical depository to join the 2,500 museums already in the UK.

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So if you’re into dog collars (of the canine rather than clerical variety), or simply adore antique breadboards, we’ve got it covered.

Located in the cellar of his Grade II-listed home, the museum includes original items from Dr Who and part of Thor’s costume from the Avengers.

“It’s a wonderful place to keep all my things, and at the same time it’s great to open it up. Science fiction has become more mainstream so I thought ‘people might actually want to see this’,” says Mr Cole.

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Australian Zoo Says Fruit Is Now Too Sugary for Its Animals

Monkeys at Australia’s Melbourne Zoo have been put on a banana-free diet because selective breeding of the fruit has made it too sugary, the zoo’s head vet told The Sydney Morning Herald. It’s not just the monkeys that are being restricted, either. Other animals at the zoo were becoming obese and suffering from rotted teeth, and ultra-sweet fruit was identified as the culprit.

“The issue is, the cultivated fruits have been genetically modified to be much higher in sugar content than their natural, ancestral fruits,” head vet Michael Lynch tells the Morning Herald.

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