BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood narrowly avoids wardrobe malfunction!

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Carol Kirkwood had a close call on Wednesday’s BBC Breakfast ‘ and it was all down to her choice of green dress. BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood narrowly avoids wardrobe ... 23, 2019 - 12:03 BST Gemma Strong BBC Breakfast's weather presenter Carol Kirkwood narrowly avoids a major wardrobe malfunction Carol Kirkwood had a close call on Wednesday's BBC Breakfast... The weather presenter couldn’t help but have a giggle at her close-call, as she shared a video with her fans on Twitter, explaining all. Carol can be seen stood in front of the weather screen, with only her hands and head visible against the map. “And this is why we don’t wear green against a green screen, you just look like you’ve got hands ‘ it’s very Halloween,” she said. “But watch what happens when I change the background of the CSO'” As she flicks the switch, Carol can then be seen in her green dress against a green background, before she appears in full against the weather map.

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While you’re here, how about this:

BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood is left giggling when her dress disappears

BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood was left laughing when she disappeared while standing in front of a weather map on Wednesday.’

The 57-year-old former Strictly star wore a green dress which made her disappear against the green screen in which the map of the UK is projected.’

* * *

As well as her weather presenting duties, Carol famously appeared on the 2015 edition of Strictly, where she was paired with Pasha Kovalev, 39.’

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Mike presents the sport on BBC Breakfast on Fridays, the weekends, and sometimes on other weekdays.’

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BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood ‘disappears’ reading the weather in green dress

BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood has poked fun at her own wardrobe malfunction, after her dress almost disappeared on screen.

Weather presenters stand in front of a green screen, onto which is projected a moving map of the country, so they can point to specific areas as they deliver the weather forecast.

The 57-year-old presenter – who competed on Strictly Come Dancing in 2015 – wore an olive green dress to read the forecast today – and narrowly avoided appearing as a dismembered floating head on live TV.

* * *

But Kirkwood couldn’t resist sharing with her 164,000 Twitter followers just what could have gone wrong.

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Carol Kirkwood shocked as dress disappears in BBC Breakfast report

Carol Kirkwood is immensely popular with BBC One viewers and most mornings she is up at the crack of dawn to give the five day weather forecast. Videos for Bbc Breakfast Carol Kirkwood Narrowly 5:33Carol Kirkwood - BBC Breakfast Weather 09/01/2020YouTube Today, before she was seen on television screens across the nation, she took time to practice and during her rehearsal she disappeared.

Taking to her official Twitter profile she gave her followers a behind the scenes sneak peek at what went on.’

The 57-year-old weather presenter is known for her stunning array of dresses and occasion wear, today she opted to wear a bright green dress.’

* * *

The caption she accompanied the tweet with, read: ‘This is why we don’t wear green in front of the green screen xxx @BBCBreakfast,’ following by three laughing emojis.’

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