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[ 5 Things to know for February 17: Winter weather, Biden, Covid-19, Trump, China – WRCB ]

If you’re among the fortunate folks who have survived Covid-19, you might have your Neanderthal ancestors to thank.

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A US Navy warship has sailed by islands claimed by China in the South China Sea. It’s the second such sailing in as many weeks, and comes as the Biden administration steps up the US’ military presence in the disputed waters. Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines also have claims in the Spratly Islands, where the US guided-missile destroyer came close. Since assuming office, the Biden administration has reaffirmed its commitment to US allies and partners in the region, as well as to protecting a free and open Indo-Pacific. China claims the US naval operations in the South China Sea inflame tensions and violate its sovereignty.

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5 things to know for February 17: Winter weather, Biden, Covid

President Joe Biden revealed his conversation with Chinese president Xi Jinping on human rights issues during CNN’s presidential town hall.

Rihanna posed topless wearing a pendant depicting the Hindu god Ganesha and some people are not happy

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California condors at the Oregon Zoo have laid nine eggs — a much-needed boost for the endangered species

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February is Black History Month, and every day we’re highlighting Black pioneers in American history. Learn more here.

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5 things to know for February 12: Impeachment, Covid

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5 things to know for February 8: Coronavirus, impeachment, stimulus, Israel, India

Months after the Democratic Republic of the Congo triumphed over its latest Ebola outbreak, another case has reared its ugly head.

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The US has seen a dip in coronavirus cases, but experts warn we may just be in the eye of the hurricane. Medical professionals are trying to figure out how to stop the rapidly spreading UK, South Africa and Brazil variants that have already infected more than 700 people in the US, and easing of good prevention practices could make the next wave worse. South Africa is pausing some vaccine plans after a study found AstraZeneca’s vaccine is less effective against the variant first discovered there. In China, frustration and heartbreak abounds as China is discouraging hundreds of millions of people from traveling for the Lunar New Year. You may recall the massive event was a source of superspreader concern in the early days of the pandemic last year.

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