Tweets About The Viral Walmart Yodeling Kid Performing At Coachella Are Into It

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Tweets About The Viral Walmart Yodeling Kid Performing At Coachella Are Into It‘Elite Daily

Tweets About The Viral Walmart Yodeling Kid Performing At Coachella Are Into It

I’m unashamed to say we live in a society that thrives on memes. In the realm of internet phenomena, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey ‘ better known as the "Yodeling Walmart Kid" ‘is one of the latest and greatest internet stars. Based on reports from TMZ, though, internet stardom is helping Ramsey perform at one of the greatest music festivals this year. Although I’m a little baffled, I’m oddly jealous that I won’t be there. If you haven’t already seen the tweets about the viral Walmart Yodeling Kid performing at Coachella, check them out. They probably say what many of you are thinking right now.

If you’ve gone anywhere near the internet within the past week, you probably saw the kid who went viral for yodeling at a Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois. According to TMZ, the esteemed yodeler is getting a major performance glow up. Even though he was discovered performing in his local Walmart, he’s set to bring his act to the stages of Coachella… and needless to say, festival goers are totally and utterly hyped. TMZ reports the young musician is set to share the Coachella stage with other musicians on Friday starting at 2:45 p.m. What an unexpectedly glorious surprise. Yo-De-Layyy.

According to TMZ, there is even some hope that Ramsey will perform alongside popular rapper, Post Malone. Apparently, the rapper reached out to Ramsey with hopes he’d be featured during his Coachella sat. However, the young yodeler is already booked for the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Saturday (thanks to Ellen). Unfortunately, that’s when Post Malone’s set is. Even so, TMZ reports that there’s still hope Ramsey can perform with the rapper during the second weekend of the festival.

While many in the world of Twitter are demanding "respect to the king," others are considering Ramsey’s performance "the American dream." I’d say that Ramsey’s upcoming Coachella debut is definitely a dream come true. (I’m also hoping that someone sets aside a flower crown for him.) Anyway, the excitement coming from the Twittersphere right now is too real.

I don’t really know how any of this is going to go down myself, but apparently it’s going to happen. It definitely makes me a little jealous that I wont be at Coachella to witness this unforgettable sensation, but as they say, you can’t always get what you want. I’ll just grab my Burger King flower crown and dance to Ramsey’s original Walmart performance on repeat. I’ll be pumpin’ up the party, y’all.

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Viral YouTube Sensation “Yodeling Boy” Makes Coachella Debut

Mason Ramsey, aka “yodeling boy,” joined dance producer Whethan onstage to perform his rendition of Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues,” which skyrocketed him to social media fame just last week. It all started when a video of the 11-year-old yodeling the Williams classic at Walmart popped up on Twitter. On Thursday, rumors began to swirl that Ramsey would make an appearance at the popular music festival, and now they've come true.

Check out some hilarious tweets below about Ramsey's first performance at the Indio, California, festival.

omg walmart yodel boy is going to coachella!!!! we're so proud of you, hope you have the best time. @theMasonRamsey

BEYONCÉ COACHELLA SETLIST LEAKED 1.Crazy in Love *introduces yodel boy* *walks off stage* 2. Sweet DaaAaaAAaAaady

yodel boy coming out for post malones set at coachella is the most 2018 thing that will ever happen in 2018

Watching: Are Into It
, Although I’m, Walmart Yodeling Kid

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Tweets About The Viral Walmart Yodeling Kid Performing At Coachella Are Into It
on 13th of Apr 2018 I’m unashamed to say we live in a society that thrives on memes. In the realm of internet phenomena, 11-year-old Mason Ramsey ‘ better known as the “Yodeling Walmart Kid” ‘ is one of the latest and greatest internet stars. Based on reports from TMZ

That Viral Yodeling Kid May Be Performing At Coachella
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Viral YouTube Sensation “Yodeling Boy” Makes Coachella Debut
on 13th of Apr 2018 Coachella started just a few hours ago, and its first viral moment has already happened . It all started when a video of the 11-year-old yodeling the Williams classic at Walmart popped up on Twitter. On Thursday, rumors began to swirl that Ramsey

Coachella’s viral yodeling boy moment is just the start of the festival’s latest makeover
Apr 14th, 2018 03:25 UTC and then a video of him yodeling in a Walmart went viral and he became the next overnight sensation ‘ with his own hashtags: #WalmartYodelBoy and #WalmartYodelingKid. With few events as trendy as Coachella ‘ just check your Instagram and Twitter feeds