The Latest: Women’s Runner-Up in Boston a Previous Unknown

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The Latest: Women’s Runner-Up in Boston a Previous Unknown‘U.S. News & World ReportUnknown runner Sarah Sellers places second in Boston Marathon‘ (blog)Who the Heck Were Those Women in 2nd Through 6th at the Boston Marathon?‘Runner’s World

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Unknown runner Sarah Sellers places second in Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon was full of surprises and historic finishes this year. The winner on the women’s side, Desiree Linden, became the first American woman to win the race since 1985. On the men’s side of things, Yuki Kawauchi became the first Japanese runner to win since 1987.

But perhaps the biggest shock of the day came when an unknown runner placed second for the women. Sarah Sellers crossed the finish line with a time of 2:44:04, prompting everyone to ask one simple question: ‘Who is she?’

More #MondayMotivation: Runner up Sarah Sellers (left), 26, is a nurse who trains at either 8 pm or 4 am, and her coach is Paul Pilkington! #BostonMarathon

Unlike most other elite runners, Sellers has a full-time job and trained for the marathon when her busy schedule afforded her the time. In other words, she’s a regular person. The 26-year-old Utah native works as a nurse anesthetist at Banner Health Center in Arizona. She told reporters she either hits the pavement early in the morning around 4:00 a.m. or late in the evening at 8:00 p.m.

Though Sellers was a top runner at Weber State ‘ she earned Big Sky All-Conference honors 15 times for cross country and track ‘ she was not considered a favorite to place heading into the Boston Marathon. In fact, it was only her second marathon ever.

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Who the Heck Were Those Women in 2nd Through 6th at the Boston Marathon?

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Arizona wins big at the Boston Marathon. ASU grad Desi Linden wins the women’s race. Tucson resident Sarah Sellers effectivily is 2nd.
A previously unknown nurse from Arizona, Sarah Sellers, running her 2nd marathon ever, finished 2nd going in the Boston Marathon.
[Sports] – Who is Sarah Sellers? The Boston Marathon runner-up is a 26-year-old full-time nurse.
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The Latest: Women’s runner-up in Boston a previous unknown
on 16th of Apr 2018 BOSTON ‘ The Latest on the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon (all times local): 5:20 p.m. Even with so many Americans finishing atop the leaderboard in the Boston Marathon, one result popped out ‘ a virtual unknown to the major marathon scene

Who is Sarah Sellers? The Boston Marathon runner-up is a 26-year-old full
on 16th of Apr 2018 Sellers crossed the finish line in second place at the prestigious 26.2-mile race, in rain-soaked conditions, as a virtual unknown. Few online road-race results existed for Sellers, and she was not listed among the elite field for Boston. In the wet and

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The Boston Marathon was runner-up Sarah Sellers’ second marathon ever
on 16th of Apr 2018 The biggest story of the Boston Marathon was Desiree Linden . and she didn’t just win that one, she also set a women’s course record. Sellers was a long-distance runner in college (she attended Weber State University), but when she was a senior

Former ASU runner Linden wins Boston Marathon
on 16th of Apr 2018 A two-time Olympian and the 2011 Boston Marathon runner-up, Linden decided to stick around . better than second-place finisher Sarah Sellers but the slowest time for a women’s winner in Boston since 1978. Yuki Kawauchi splashed through the pelting