Hot Talent Buffet invades UFO Factory Saturday night

Detroit Metro Times (blog) ... Chrsi Butterfield’s local tape label Tool and Die presents the second annual Hot Talent Buffet this Saturday, Aug. 27 at UFO Factory. Twenty separate acts perform for a top prize (a golden trophy, a bag of money, and some meat or tofu) in the spirit of .°

The PowerEgg is a UFO-like drone that looks straight out of Area 51

Digital Trends ... We’ve all heard the rumors about Area 51, the secretive military base in the Nevada desert, where captured alien craft and technology is supposedly hidden away. If it’s true, we wouldn’t be shocked to find out the PowerVision team had enjoyed a tour .°

Soft, Rubbery ‘Octobot’ Can Move Without Batteries

The researchers say soft robots can adapt more easily to some environments than rigid machines, and this research could lead to autonomous robots that can sense their surroundings and interact with people. As the fuel gives off oxygen, pressure from the gas builds up in the controller and eventually causes some valves to open and others to close, inflating chambers in half the robot’s ...

GM mustard clears hurdle in India but more remain

A government panel has cleared commercial use of what would be India’s first genetically modified (GM) food crop, but politicians still have to give final approvals amid wide-spread public opposition. Technical clearance for indigenously developed GM mustard seeds was given on Aug. 11 by the panel of government and independent experts, following multiple reviews of crop trial data ...